Why you need Waterproofs Rain or Shine


Let’s face it. UK Weather is fickle. When you’re dreaming of a cool summer day, it rains. And when it rains, well it really pours. Even the autumn and winter seasons are as unpredictable, with cold (sometimes snowy) spells to the sudden blissful warmth of spring in between the two. And having active kids mean knowing exactly how to dress them to keep them exploring rain or shine, hot or cold. This is why waterproofs are the perfect all-season must-have, with high performance protection to keep kids dry and warm wherever their imagination outdoors take them.

Waterproofs such as Pac-a-macs are the perfect lightweight and breathable waterproof jacket to brighten up any adventure. It packs into its own pocket to ensure young explorers are always prepared from school to playtime

Depending on the activity, our waterproof Pac-a-Trousers are perfect for pond fishing, or playing outdoors for dry and streak-free clothes. It’s the must-have for an active child, yet so easy to clean.

Pair it with our wellies (classic or puddleflex) to protect from all elements and keep them dry. Our waterproof collections are comfortable, stylish and durable. Plus, it keeps children playing happily outdoors all-year around.






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