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Storytelling is a powerful way to spark a child’s imagination and get them exploring their most creative ideas and views on the world. Just like play, stories take you to boundless adventures from magic trees, wizards to a detective duo out to save those in need. It’s a great way to encourage children to be themselves and have fun along the way.

Paying homage to National Share-a-Story Month, we’ve put together our favourite childhood adventure stories to share with your little ones. 





One of my favourite childhood adventure stories was ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. I longed to be Lyra and have a daemon like pantalaimon heading out on an epic voyage. The series is full of wisdom as well and a bounty of quotes we could share forever. I particularly like this one to represent what I would want for my children:

“Her upbringing had given her an independence of mind that made her more like a girl of today than one of her own time – which was why she had walked out, and why she was not daunted by the prospect of being alone.”





The Secret of Spiggy Holes by Enid Blyton – pirates, secret passageways, caves and treasure…what’s not for a young explorer to like!  I read this book about 4 times every summer for many years growing up, I always imagined myself as one of the children, solving mysteries and saving the day.  A breath-taking adventure in the vein of the Famous Five from the same author, this is a thrilling read for children and adults alike!





The Adventures of Tintin – we had the whole series at home and I read and re-read them lots of times when I was small.  I went on to have a great love of crime thrillers – perhaps this is where it started….





When my daughter was little, I loved to read her the Walker books. They were nice and short with great pictures and good bed time reading, also Famous Five, were a firm favourite for me as a child, think my life growing up was very similar!

“Cant you sleep little Bear” and  “The Park in the Dark”  were a firm favourite for night time reading to my daughter





My favourite adventure story (for quite young kids) was The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton – a really sweet book about a group of kids who visit a Magical tree where colourful characters live, and when they climb to the top of the tree and go through the clouds, they can visit magical lands like ‘topsy turvy land’.


Magic Faraway Tree was my favourite too! The lands at the top constantly changed and some were great and some were scary and you needed to make sure you got off asap!!


Mine is also The Magic Faraway Tree. I loved all the different lands it stopped at and used to think up a few of my own that I wished existed! Also I loved the slide that went all the way down the tree!





My favourite adventure story as a child was called ‘The Secret of Platform 13’. It’s not a very well known book but I loved it! It’s about a secret portal to a magical world on Platform 13 at King’s Cross station that only opens every 9 years. In the story a group of adventurers (a giant, a fey, a wizard and a young hag) travel through the portal to London to rescue the kingdom’s prince, who was stolen as a baby.

This book actually came out 3 years before the first Harry Potter book in spite of it having a platform at King’s Cross which acts as a magical portal! I remember being given the task of drawing a cover for our favourite book at school and I chose this one. I would recommend it to any adventurous children, especially if they enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series.






My favourite has to be Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. It follows the story of a schoolgirl in a French boarding school and her (mis)adventures with classmates in Paris and around the world. I loved the character because she was the littlest out of her classmates, yet the bravest and most outgoing. A streak of mischief always followed her, and that always reminded me of myself as a kid.

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