Our most favourite memories with Dad



This Father’s day weekend, we wanted to share our most favourite stories outdoors with our dads.  Some are sweet, funny or downright weird, but these are the precious moments we love most and hopefully inspires you to create your own.



One of my favourite things to do with my Dad was building fairy houses in the roots of trees. We used to spend hours clearing out the roots, building a roof from sticks, constructing walls from leaves and crafting furniture from acorns and things. I now do it with my children and they love it just as much!



I used to love making things with my Dad, I had my own real miniature tool set from about 2 years old and we used to make bows and arrows.  He built me my own miniature lathe so I could turn candlesticks with my chisel.  My son now has his own tools at my mum and dads and fixing things with Granddad is one of his favourite things to do.



When I was little my favourite outdoor activity with my Dad was helping him milk the cows, as in I would sit in a big wooden trolley full of cow cake and eat this while he milked the cows. Not sure whether it is advisable but I’m still here!

As I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, most of my days were helping out with the animals and all summer we would help get in the harvest. I was a big daddies girl too!



My dad used to take the three of out to sit by the river and watch for kingfishers darting past or on the hunt for a Lapwing nest on the moors. We scoured acres and acres of moorland one year and then discovered this tiny nest full of speckled eggs hidden among the grasses. We revisited it regularly that year and saw the little chicks huddled together, checking in on them till they had grown big enough to fly away.



I have some very early memories of my dad and I gardening, he adored gardening and grew raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, and the most beautiful roses. I had my own patch, which along side my dad, I would tend the plants, and help out in the greenhouse. The smell of tomatoes, soil covered hands and collecting the worms while we gardened is one of my favourite outdoor memories of my dad!



My favourite outdoor activity with my dad was when he took us for picnics at  Bourton on the Water, it is such a beautiful place, the water was lovely and cool, clean and shallow with smooth pebbles and we would spend the day paddling in the water and eating our picnic which I do remember had slightly warm cheese and tomato  sandwiches which for some reason I thought  tasted extra delicious!



My favourite memory with my dad when I was a kid was when we were on holiday and swimming in the pool. I’d made me dad swim under water and then I’d stand on his back and pretend he was a surfboard!



My most favourite memory would have to be camping out in the garden, with our make-shift tent from day to night. Sometimes we would even watch the stars and sleep in the tent, to the disapproval of my Mom. But my Dad loved telling me stories and I would imagine myself trailing behind him as he described things he used to do and places he’d seen.

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