10 grossest things you’ve seen outdoors


Your adventurers had seen lots of gross things….

According to our ‘How Wild is Your Child Survey’, the fun outdoors can bring along some not so pleasant encounters – from squashed worms, slugs, and snails just to name a few. But there were some others, even more disgusting, as told by your young adventurers. Here are the top 10 grossest things things you’ve seen outdoors.

  1. When the snake gave birth at mom’s animal rescue
  2. Hamster eating its babies!
  3. Rotting fish washed onto the beach
  4. Slugs eating my sunflowers
  5. A dead rabbit with its skull and teeth showing
  6. 2 headed worm
  7. A squished octopus
  8. A tree full of poisonous spiders in Australia
  9. Lots of centipedes in a stump and maggots on roadkill
  10. A frog that had been caught out in the sun and had dried out and looked like a fried frog snack!

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